Verkoop Informatie

PROPERTY VALUATION:  We will begin by providing you with a realistic marketing price, at which we believe your property can achieve significant interest and subsequent viewings, which will hopefully result in meaningful offers being received.  

THE LISTING PROCESS will be carried out by one of the owners of Inspire Real Estate. We will arrange a convenient time to visit your home to take full details of the property, together with professional photographs.  It will be advantageous if your home portrays the lifestyle which your buyer will desire.

INFORMATION REQUIRED on the day of the property listing:

•    Annual Costs:  IBI (property rates), Basura (refuse collection), Community Fees
•    Details of your legal representative (lawyer or gestor)
•    Accurate property information, including build year, build size and plot size
•    A copy of your Escritura or Nota Simple will be helpful

VIEWING ARRANGEMENTS: If you do not live permanently at the property, it will be beneficial for us to hold a set of keys.  As we work extended hours with our buyers, we may want to view at short notice, so for us to hold keys in our secure safe has proved invaluable. If we are viewing with another agent and their client, we will ALWAYS accompany them on the viewing.  At no time will your keys be given to a third party.   We will manage the viewing professionally and will know our clients well by the time we visit.  We will ask you to simply relax whilst we view your home.  If we have any questions, we will find you!

AFTER VIEWING: It is our commitment to provide our vendors with feedback from our buyers following viewings.  This will normally be in the form of an email and hopefully within 24 hours.  If there is anything in particular we need to discuss, we will call you.

IF WE RECEIVE AN OFFER: We will contact you immediately with details of any offer received.  We will manage the negotiations but we will always be led by you and your requirements.  With the market remaining predominantly in favour of the buyer, we propose that all reasonable offers be given serious consideration.  We will always do our utmost to achieve the best possible price for our vendors.

IF AN OFFER IS ACCEPTED: We will immediately request a Reservation Deposit be paid by the buyer of at least 3.000 euros, which will be held in our secure Client Account.  Once paid, we will ask that you remove the property from the market with all other agents and to supply all paperwork, including the Escritura, and the most recent Electricity, Water, Community bills and any other documentation requested by the buyer's lawyer.  You will engage a legal representative to support you throughout the process.  All property and land searches will be carried out by the buyer's lawyer.   Once all searches have been completed, the reservation deposit will be made up to 10% of the agreed purchase price and this amount will be transferred to your (the vendor) bank account.  A date for completion can then also be agreed between both parties.  If any alterations have taken place to the property, including the additional of a pool for example, which have not previously been registered on the Escritura, details will have to be registered by the vendor on or before completion at the notary, at the vendor's expense. Your legal representative will ensure that all legal, agent, and any other fees will be settled at notary, upon completion.  You will then receive payment of the balance in full.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU:  Please rest assured that we will support you throughout the marketing and sale of your property.  The sale of a home is quite often an emotional one, so while you are looking forward and focusing on making plans for the next chapter of your life, we will be by your side to ensure that everything is as simple and pain-free as possible.


We provide a trusted, personal service to our clients

We will always be available to show your property to prospective buyers

We employ highly experienced, multi-lingual and proactive staff

We qualify our clients and carefully match their criteria to our portfolio of properties

We provide a new, modern website, designed to achieve maximum exposure

Your property will be seen anytime, anywhere via our mobile site and app

We provide a free, no obligation evaluation of your property, based on market knowledge

We promise professional marketing, utilising social media and major property portals

So, if you are thinking about selling your Spanish property, please send us a quick email, or simply give us a call! 

We will work hard to achieve your expectations.